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Principal Partner

About Yemi Salman

Yemi Salman Esq. was called to the Nigerian Bar in November, 2007 as a Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria. He has wide experience in civil and criminal litigation, acquisition and perfection of title to land and other corporate and commercial law practices. He started his journey as an Associate in AYANLAJA, ADESANYA & CO and later joined a law firm of LEGAL DIRECT where he resigned as the Head of Civil and Criminal Litigation. He later joined the Firm of BANWO & IGBOKWE where he rose to a position of Head of Chambers before he then formed and established KRISPY LEGAL thus partnering with other intellects.

With his wealth of expertise, Yemi Salman heads the litigation department of Krispy Legal.

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Head of Chambers

About A. D Olaniyi

Mr. A. D. Olaniyi, Esq., an alumnus of Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto, stands as a beacon of legal expertise. Having successfully navigated the halls of the Nigerian Law School Abuja campus, he was adorned with the prestigious barrister's gown and called to the bar in the illustrious year of 2017. In the vast landscape of legal intricacies, Mr. Olaniyi has carved a niche for himself as an expert in litigation, seamlessly weaving through the complexities of courtrooms with finesse.

His mastery extends beyond the confines of litigation, encompassing the realms of corporate law where he exhibits a profound understanding of the intricacies of corporate landscapes. Additionally, his prowess extends to the realm of property law, where he brings a nuanced understanding of the legal dynamics surrounding real estate.

Mr. Olaniyi, with his wealth of knowledge and commitment to the tenets of justice, embodies the essence of a legal professional dedicated to navigating the multifaceted challenges of the legal landscape. His journey from student to barrister is not just a testament to academic prowess but a testament to a commitment to excellence that defines his legal career.


About A. B Bolakale

Abdulqaudri Bolakale Jimoh, Esq., a distinguished alumnus of Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto, emerges as a legal luminary in the ever-evolving realm of law. His journey through the corridors of legal education culminated in his call to the Nigerian Bar as a solicitor and advocate of the Supreme Court in the auspicious year of 2021.

Within the expansive landscape of legal practice, Mr. Jimoh has chosen to specialize in the intricate domain of corporate law. As a legal professional, he stands as a trusted advisor, guiding clients through the labyrinth of legalities inherent in corporate governance, mergers, acquisitions, and various corporate-related affairs.

Mr. Jimoh's dedication to the nuances of corporate law reflects not only a profound understanding of legal intricacies but also a commitment to ensuring the smooth functioning and compliance of businesses with the ever-evolving legal frameworks. In an era where the legal aspects of corporate operations are increasingly complex, Mr. Abdulqaudri Bolakale Jimoh, Esq. emerges as a beacon of expertise, providing invaluable counsel to navigate the legal terrain of corporate practices.